Thursday, March 06, 2008

My New York Indiscretion: Part Two

To read part one, click here: My New York Indiscretion

So after battling with life for a while and also with the consequences of my actions in NYC, I decided to sit down and finish the story. One thing to note is this; I don't regret anything.

Now for part two of my New York tryst:

Going all out for my art.

The night around me was too quiet and the plan too fixed. I have a torrent of images, words, emotions flooding through me and I couldn’t settle on just one; my mind was out of touch. I could hear the soft buzz of the music coming from the speakers in the car and I could see a million little pin-points of light on either side of me and the dark murky stretch of the Hudson to my right. Aaden smiled down at me when I took a quick peek at him, his eyes impressive in the darkness.

I bite my nail, nearly breaking it in my nervousness. You would think that by now a reasonable person would have made the proper judgment call and would have decided to go back to their own bed alone.

The breaks squeak a little as he presses down on the break peddle, the car coming to a soft stop and a lump forming in my throat. I watch him as he comes around the front of the car, and hear the gentle click in the door as he opens it for me. His hand is strength on mine as I stand and he gathers me up, winter cold all around us and heat between our lips. He takes my hand and wrapping it around his arm, he leads me towards the red brick building looming ahead of us.

The elevator is a scary place because it offers a temporary seclusion which could lead to dangerous things. He eyes me like candy and my expression is that of availability. I let out a squeak as he slams me against the inside of the elevator, his calm veneer gone and his animal slowly leaking out. His mouth is strength and need against mine and when he kisses down my face to nuzzle my neck as he presses me hard against the wall, I moan out painfully in need, forgetting my moral dilemma. I bite down on my lip as he reaches between my legs, bringing my thigh up against him, pushing against me, forcing me to become painfully aware of my wetness.

The elevator dings, bringing us back to the knowledge that we aren’t in private…yet.

I admire New Yorkers their drive to live in such a manic city but I do not envy the seemingly overkill display of locks on their doors.

The locks click, click, click, my feet tired and my mind racing, my kitten starving.

At once I’m pulled into his apartment, distinguished male scents surrounding me. He helps me off with my coat, hanging it in a closet just inside the entryway. I gently walk the expanse of the living room over to the window, surveying a view that is supremely New York; the dead scraggly trees randomly dotting the sidewalk and the endless parade of car cutting through the city streets.

Warm, strong arms wrap around me and pull me back to my current need, Aaden’s lips gracing my neck as he talks softly to me,

“So did you imagine this is what your New Year’s Eve getaway would be like?”

I’m sly when I twist around in his arms to face him,

“It’s certainly different that I imagined, maybe better, maybe not. I suppose its all perspective.”

He smiles and kisses me, my not-so-romance-novel answer probably shocking him. His big hands settle on my hips and he nuzzles his face in my hair, his cheek next to mine,

“Though not the answer I was looking for, I can take that one and store it. I can do something to make it fun for now anyway.”

I stretch out my back like a cat as I reach my arms up and around his next, kissing him like my last breath was inside of him. He’s very old-world-Hollywood as he tangles his hands in my hair, holding my head as he kisses me, his other hand exploring my bottom with fervent interest.

I step back from him during a lull in a kiss and pull my shirt over my head, standing in jeans and my bra before him. I un-button my jeans as I take a few steps backward and sit daintily on the edge of the couch, sliding my high heels off and curling my feet underneath me.

He advances slowly, taking off his suit jacket and lying it over a chair, and then making quick work of the buttons of his shirt. As he comes within my reach I grab his belt buckle, sliding the belt out of it, hearing those series of clicks; my favorite sound. I pull the belt from around his waist and throw it down, sliding my fingers to the delightful bulge in his pants, smoothing my palm over him, feeling his hardness and glancing up at him at intervals.

I pull on his pants to bring him closer and start to undo his fly, his voice floods the room,

“Are you sure you don’t want to go first?”

His voice is slathered in desire and I can sense he’s teetering on the edge of his control,

“Oh yes.”

I pull down his pants just enough to find the object I’m searching for and begin by luxuriantly smoothing my hand around his shaft. He lets his head fall back slightly, calming himself and yet letting go. I bring my face close to his body, lying my cheek against his hip, my lips mere centimeters from him. I take in his smell, and the warmth of him, letting him work himself up.

I look up at him as I gently flick his head with the tip of my tongue, his face is filled with what I’d describe as delightful pain and urgency. In a mere moment I let the length of him slide into my mouth, moaning at the pleasure of it in sync with him. I wrap my right hand around the bottom of his shaft and gently sucking on him, I hold onto his hip. He’s in a world all his own, stealing peeks down at me, my eyes cutting his glance from below. I savor each moment, each sensation as my tongue and mouth explore him, his taste driving me on to want that final explosion.

His voice is not as steady as it had been moments before,

“If you don’t stop now I won’t have anything left for you.”

He pulls away gently and sits down next to me, gathering me up and bombarding me with his mouth to mine, his hand running from my neck to my breasts, down my stomach to caress my thigh, strength in every movement. I’m all sighs and undulation as he pulls me up from the couch and into the bedroom, his hand tight around my small wrist.

The bed is high and perfect for the little ideas that keep popping into my head. The height is just perfect for bending a bad little girl over it and spanking her roughly before sliding into her wet kitten just to show her whose boss.

I’m pulled from my thoughts by the view of him kneeling in front of me, peeling my jeans off with the aid of his mouth at the fly. His mouth is heat on my hip as he wraps his arms around my waist, and burrowing his face into my kitten, my thin panties can barely restrain his attentions.

I slide backwards onto the bed at his direction and his movements are smooth and practiced when he slides my panties down my hips and over my legs to lie on the floor. He presses the length of his body full against mine, wrapping my legs around him. I grind against him, his excitement alarmingly noticeable even through thick wool pants.

I moan quietly to myself as he grabs hold of my wrists and holds them down hard against the bed, his teeth at my neck. He bites gently there and applies kisses too. I squirm underneath him and feel my slick kitten against the rough wool of his pants.

I squirm some more.

He trails his hands down my body, pressing down on me, scratching almost and when he reaches my kitten he takes one finger and gently runs the tip of it from back to front, wetting his finger and eliciting a long moan from me. He holds my thighs hard against the bed, restraining me as he dips is face near my kitten, and nuzzling his lips against me, he gently licks at me, stroking the wetness between my lips. My hips buck without warning and when I feel his lips around my clit, I can't imagine holding out for much longer. Its sublime and devious.

I bite my finger and thank god that it's only just beginning.





Anonymous said...

Welcome back hottie

Fat Controller said...

Welcome back, I've been checking back every day and now the intensity is building...Please don't leave us in suspense for too long!

Brandy said...

Oh my god, that was hot!

Drew said...

If I were interested in preserving my ego, I would keep this to myself, but (as always) my curiosity is getting the best of all my other senses and my rationality.

I copied the large version of your photo into microsoft word, and increased the brightness/contrast. It ends up being a pretty clear photo. I'm glad I did, since you cruelly ended the story before climax...

So anyway, I'm wondering how you feel about this. I know in many places, people would just regard this as being perverted. Your picture was art (albeit erotic art) and I misused it. In other places, I know people would say, "as long as you're not hurting anyone, whatever you want to do is fine."

So... I'm not necessarily asking for your moral opinion, but I'm wondering about your visceral reaction.

la petite dévergondée said...

Ok Drew,

Well to begin with, I feel like personal content is just that (even if published on the internet) and that it should never be tampered with and ESPECIALLY never re-published anywhere else without permission (that being said, I do NOT give you permission to republish my photo anywhere).

I do my photography with what i consider a certain level of class and artistic draw so I feel like nothing I post photo-wise is in any way pornographic. Just some FYI.

As far as you saving it into your hard drive to manipulate it with a program, I feel somewhat uncomfortable with it, but then again it was me in the first place that took a nude photo of myself and then published i online in my blog. I feel that as long as you keep the photo to yourself and don't publish or distribute it, I'm fine with it.

What more can I feel anyway? Its not as if I can make you delete it. :)

-la petite

Drew said...

Oh! It's not on my hard drive. Quick copy and paste, and then I deleted it. I don't understand saving something to your hard drive, an image is never exciting the second time, if you asked me. Nor is an image ever exciting the first time if it's on some porn site full of similar images. Anyway, I was just curious. Thanks for taking the time to respond!

Drew said...

By the way... is there a difference between erotic and pornographic? Is it just the "class" thing? I suppose I could just Google it.

la petite dévergondée said...

Thanks FC! No this birthday was one of those trying things because its m biggest one ever (arent they all though?) and it took me out of my teens. Ever since I was little I always told everyone I only ever wanted to be 17 and then stop aging because the booze and the clubbing never have been my number one thing. I loved being a teen ager because theres no ceiling to how enthralling you can be; it seems its easier to be interesting as an overly mature teen to other people than it is to be an overly educated adult. perhaps im wrong because i never found my fellow teenagers interesting. :)

-la petite

la petite dévergondée said...

Drew -

For me, there is a huge difference between pornography and erotic angled art photography. Its also a personal thing.

For me pornography is meant to be outrageous and overtly sexual, pushing the limits most of the time and at times even visceral to make the viewer sexually excited. For me my photos and writings arent specifically written or snapped to make my audience turned-on (though it is a lovely bi-product). I write my memoirs down because theyre what has happened in my life and while I think theyre interesting just being memories in my mind, I feel like when I jot them down with my writing prowess as a tool, others are interested, sometimes inspired and they seem to want to come back for more. I love to write and I love that I've been ballsy enough to live my crazy life (all the memoirs are actual happenings in my life unless stated otherwise) in the way I have.

My photos are an experiment to push my own limits of how safe I feel with revealing my body and its also about conveying a feeling with the mood an composition of the photo.

Its not pornographic because its not written that way (though more in the beginning the wording seemed a little more risque cock, pussy, etc). I know some people are conservative and therefore would judge my writing and photographs as such but the main point here is that I.....don't care.

I do this for me and if it collects some readers, great....if it collects nap-sayers, well then I just let it roll off my back.

-la petite

Mr Hemingway said...

I think I'll make it an even 10 cum-ments, ok.

I meant to're not the lost Hilton sister we haven't heard about, are you? I mean, there is one that has class and smarts and stuff. Is that you? If it is, don't worry, you're secret's safe with me. ;)

Aishiteru wa!
Mr Hemingway