Thursday, March 27, 2008

My New York Indiscretion: The Conclusion

This is the concluding chapter of a three part memoir. To catch up on whats transpired so far, here are the links: Part One & Part Two

The chill from the outdoors somehow permeates my skin as my mind races, his hands all over me, his lips against my skin.

I've found forbidden passion and though a million consequences lie ahead of me, I'm resolved to sin.

Pearls again; and this time with some double-time style.

Aaden's fingertips are rough on my thighs as he rubs them up and down my legs, his mouth working on that secret explosion of ecstasy. I give in completely when his wet, warm tongue snakes in between the valley between my thigh and my kitten. I slip my hands around me on the silky counterpane like I'm making snow angels, my mind gently falling in rhythm to the physical pleasure overwhelming me.

I feel a small wave of my orgasmic energy come upon me and I shudder softly, my eyes slamming shut and my neck stretching seemingly of its own will. My body tenses as I begin to pant, my breathing becoming erratic, heat in every expulsion.

I whimper loudly as if showing my white flag of defeat, and my whole countenance is disturbed when Aaden's head pops up, his eyes meeting mine.

At my look of severe shock and disappointment, he chimes in softly,

"I have other ways, much better ways. Just hold on." He smiles devilishly as he climbs on the bed next to me, my face showing my displeasure.

He grabs my hand, squashing it to the counterpane, his mouth hot and desirous as I whimper under him for release. His arms are all strength and heft when he repositions me on the bed on my side, my back to him. I turn my shoulders and face to look at him and when he impales me slowly from behind, I hold on to my composure, staring into his eyes defiantly and sighing heavily.

He rocks into a rhythm and all the while he holds onto my shoulder with one hand and my hip against him with the other. I'll have bruises for a week in both places, but for now its bliss as I feel him completely overpowering me.

I lose myself in the ecstasy and the rush of it, him pounding into me all the while. He whispers in my ear throatily,

"I knew I had to have you, and here we are. Are you my little prize? My conquest?"

I moan audibly and I'm captivated.

I shout out, "Yes. Yes. Yes."

Im at the peak of delirium from not having been let to come and I'm angry with it bottled inside of me. It's a god-send when the hand holding my hip close to him comes around, his fingers stroking me in motion with his rhythm. My hands grip at the counterpane as I whimper uncontrollably, spouting nonsense, colors raging neon in my brain.

Its like a white hot snake finally when I come, its force exhausting me to the point that I don't realize that he's already come and is cradling me against his chest. His voice is soft as he speaks but its lost on me, I'm gone and all I can think of is that whatever bullshit I may face due to this little indiscretion; Its worth it completely.


The next morning when I wake up he has coffee in the pot and is lying in box shorts next to me with a cup of it, and offering me a sip he smiles like a bandit whose just scored his loot.

I'm tired down to my soul and angry that the sun had to come out to play today.

The drive back to my hotel is quiet but sweet, as he holds my hand, commenting every now and then. I'm just sort of out of myself and wanting to get back to my friends, to have some breakfast and enjoy the rest of the trip. I hold no attachment and even feel a soft sort of repulsion, like I have to just say goodbye and have done with it.

He lingers on the sidewalk with me and kisses me softly on the lips and then once on the forehead until I break hands with him and walk into the hotel without looking back. It's not like I'm not into him, but to be truthful, I'm just done with him.

He was sweet but now his time was through with.



Anonymous said...

You have no idea how long I've been waiting to read the conclusion to this particular story. It was worth the wait.
By the way, amazing picture with this one. Bloody tease...

Fat Controller said...

Beautifully told, and what a womderful picture!

la petite dévergondée said...

Thanks guys. :)

Johnny Wadd said...

I hope those are your tits.

single gal said...

fabulous pic doll.

la petite dévergondée said...

Yes, yes they are.

Natural, dual D-cups (birth-control has that kind of swelling effect on me).

Though "tits" isn't my favorite word, maybe only in the heat of something. There are so many other options for titling them. : )

-la petite

la petite dévergondée said...

Oh and heres a tip to spot the authenticity of my photos:

I have a small mole on my chest sort of right over my heart...its always there in photos that show


-la petite

Fat Controller said...

I agree, 'tits' is too common an appellation for these perfect mounds. Only the word 'breasts' said slowly and carefully could possibly do them full justice.

la petite dévergondée said...

haha FC - when was the last time I told you that you're my favorite? :)

Thats not the way i meant it but i like it.

-la petite

kyuuri said...

hello :)

I just wandered in from the Sugasm links and got the special treat of finding your page!

You seem like an amazingly talented and extra "special" young woman...

i am impressed AND there is something very inspirational to me about reading your work today - so thank you.


la petite dévergondée said...


Inspirational? Wow, thats a very different sort of compliment that I dont get very often. Thanks so much.

Most of the time Im confronted with the fact that Im sort of a pariah in that Im young woman with a very strong sexual spirit, but I guess this just goes to show Im not always looked down upon.

:) -la petite

Tom Paine said...

What a string of pearls....