Thursday, February 04, 2010

It's a Dog's Life

I've been so busy lately, I've been reduced to letting my dog take over the writing helm, oh how life gets away with us:

So I'm Lala, I'm a two year old miniature Pomeranian and I belong to La Petite Devergondee. You may know her, she's a very naughty girl (as if you didn't already catch on to that).

Life in our apartment is unpredictable and aside from the daily staples of walking, eating, hanging out, walking again, going into my crate, walking one more time, eating again and going to sleep in my mom's big bed, all the in-between time can be a gamble of consequence.

For instance, we went to our neighbor Ninja's house a few days ago and instead of sitting around while they play chess, face each other off in Call of Duty or watch an old movie, while I hang out with his dog, I had to endure laying on the floor at our place while they made noises up on the big bed in the dark. Telling from the noises, I'd day that they were pretty happy.

You never know with my mom, she seems fond of having men in her bed in the dark so they can make noises and then go to sleep...thankfully I still get to sleep up there after wards too. It was my bed first, after all.

Today she was talking to me and told me that after four months, she thought it may be a mistake to start something physical with the hot, esoteric, martial arts guy a few doors down (Ninja), she said she didn't care. I guess he made some noises she liked or something.

As for me, she can make all the noises she long as I get to sleep in the big bed.

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