Thursday, February 18, 2010

Method: Episode One

Episode One/Day One:

After barely half an hour in this man's presence, something echoing and willful within me lead me to his sanctuary and within mere moments, I was standing before him in only my pink panties.

My body tenses and my breathing is hurried and stressed, his voice is calming but still the fear compounds when I pull at my securely anchored ankle restraints and increases further when I pull at my wrists that are cuffed in leather and buckles and tied to the back of the chair. When the blindfold goes on I whimper and his hands on my face gently soothe me.

My mind is racing, screaming,

"Why would you go with this man and let him get you mostly naked and tie you to a chair and blindfold you!?!?"

My mind is mostly conventional but I didn't let the majority rule.

I whimper softly as he tells me the rules of the game,

"Im going to expose you to ten different things and you have to tell me what they are. I'll touch them to you and let you smell and taste them and then you have only moments to tell me what they are."

He also gave me an amount I wasn't supposed to guess wrong, if I failed I would get something bad and if I won I would get something good.

Simple enough, right?

There was some sort of outdated yet calming music on somewhere as he approached me, his movements intentionally too quiet and concealing as to not give his position away. As we went through the items, some which turned out to be a mousetrap with its rough wooden corners stroked against my arm (which was one of two that I missed), some sort of lotion that had a very striking odor (which I got correctly after it was applied to my nose) and a chocolate chip cookie I began to gain confidence but when I would miss one, my heart sank; I worried what failure would lead to.

After a long while of playing the sensory game, it was decided that I had won and my reward was given to me in a very sultry fashion.

His hand was quick and lithe as it snaked its way down into my panties, the only bit of clothing that remained on my restrained body. Soon enough, my back was arching, my breathing was ragged and in mere moments I was having an orgasm that rocked me so hard that my body pulled against the ropes that firmly held me to the chair to which I was tied.

With hardly a moment to think, collect myself or to allow the vibrations of my ecstasy to cease to reverberate through my whole body, he unties me and pulls me into the bedroom where with barely an indication I fall upon his cock and luxuriate in administering pleasure with my mouth.

After a short bout of my ministrations, his hard cock succumbs and once he lets loose his final pleasure, I lay still with my naked, exhausted body across his legs, the head of his cock in my mouth. Even more than a year later he will tell me that this moment is still one of his most memorable about me.

I returned home later that night inside of a high that nothing could break until the morning light fell upon me...and I hadn't drunk a single drop of alcohol nor taken even the smallest ounce of any drug.

Episode One/Day Two:

The day was hot and windy and as I walked nearer to him, the sunlight pouring down over me I couldn't help but quiver in anticipation of what I hoped was yet to come.

Upstairs, it was exquisite when he finally claimed my body with his own, my legs wrapped tightly around him as he took me standing by the side of the bed. I sighed and was sore with the joyful pain of it.

I left soon after but it took hours to get my mind on anything other than the way his perfectly proportioned cock looked right before it invaded me as the filtered light of the hot, afternoon poured in from the windows in the purely white room.

Episode One/Day Three:

As I lay cuffed and tied to the bed, my body totally exposed but for my slinky black panties, he read out a letter I had written him and made me elaborate on each of the things he found most interesting. I sighed as I was interrogated and watched him as he moved around the bed, around me; circling like a shark. Something deep within made me give him what he wanted, my voice moving straight from my mind without restraint.

I moaned out loudly as he fucked me there, my arms and legs bound. my mind reeled as I felt totally captive to his every whim.

Episode One/Day Four:

Twelve is a word that will go down in infamy (until it too becomes usurped by his ministrations) for my clit.

I came twelve times in succession by his hands, his fingers, his lips, his tongue, and the tip of his cock. Held down, sweating, crying, thrashing, screaming, bucking, struggling, and utterances of "Oh no". After about four or five hours of this, he realized it was past midnight and after deciding we needed to go out in search of food and pulling be up out of bed, my dizzy, orgasm-drenched mind swirling he kissed me once and patted me on the butt with a smile.

I slept like a rock that night, my wrists tied with dark, silken rope. He remarked later that he had watched me as I dropped peacefully into a deep sleep and continued to watch me as I slept, my face still and satisfied.

I woke that morning with a sense of peace I hadn't felt in a very long time.

As the light came in over my body, he untied my wrists and sensually raped my body, his hands and his lips all over me. I cried out softly as he took me again, as my swollen kitten bent to his will and passion.

Later as I knelt at his feet, my sleepy yet contented eyelids half open looking up at him, my mind was blank except for one word: fulfilled.

I cried later that evening when I was once again alone for no reason as I showered. My body letting it all go, an internal rain to release all that I had held back before. He had captured a part of me that I had hardly ever given away and while it scared me it all so filled me with an exhilaration that I was tempted to lie to myself about.

I had momentarily lost my power and a part of me didn't want to give it back.


Continued here.


ShushMary said...

When my husband and I have gone to that place together, that place where fear, blindness, and the sting of pain meet - those have been some of the moments when I've loved him the most. I like this new direction your writing has taken...

CyberStrike said...

That wonderful can't wait to read more.

la petite dévergondée said...

I know Mary, its like you finally can just let things pass...very strange but also good. :)

Thanks guys

The Chained Maiden said...

Hi! Long time lurker.
I totally agree with Mary, as well as with you, that when you submit to someone and you relinquish the control over yourself there's something very refreshing in that- that's when I achieve my best sense of calm and peace. Sometimes I fear him and that makes my orgasm all that much sweeter.

METHOD said...
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METHOD said...

Take it from me, METHOD, Petite is one of the most intriguing women I have ever endeavored to train. She has an air of confidence that seemless slides into fear..that slides into embarrassment that slides into agony that slides into sensuality that slides into sexuality. She does this little YELP thing, perhaps an imitation of her foo foo dog, when the leather straps fall on her pretty little ass. It's never easy to figure her out, but i've got my mind programmed to work on it. She is becoming a bit more clear to me. She doesn't give of herself easily, but I know that when she does, she gives all. She has a wonderful brain. I've found women like her, who have these dark sexual desires mixed with a wonderful brain, keep me very intrigued. Yes, she did indeed orgasm 12 times. A record for her no doubt. The dirty little secret is she had 20 more in her, but I didnt want her to pass out right there on the huge comfortable bed I provided for this initiation. Just wait til she writes parts two and beyond. The best is yet to come. She comes among the best!