Tuesday, April 25, 2006

He Liked to Lick

It was amazing to me that men seemed so simple; you could give them a dart of the eye, a bite of the lip or a touch to the neck and they would stare at you even if elephants started to stampede through through the room.

He was forty-six, a musician and ex-child star. He was tall, broad shouldered, with big eyes and a very dignified look to him - very intimidating. I wanted to see his handsome face between my legs. My decisions sometimes seemed wild, unplanned and even infantile - at times I felt like a toddler that pointed to things in toy store, demanding they become hers. I dint want them, I just wanted to borrow them, and their various talents, if they were so lucky as to have aquired them.

Another reason why I was so in lust over older men was that they savored each moment, they wanted to give so much - theyre giving was somewhat of a con, for when they gave they took. I loved the prominent jaws and lines of a man's face, somewhat worn and weary but always sexy and powerful. It seems strange, but I loved to feel their power, as much as all of my intimate fondlings with older men were about my power.

So his name was Dana, he was divorced and pining over the loss of his wife. She had cheated on him and taken their infant son with her across the country to live with the new man. I felt bad for him, I pitied him and listened to him. He thought I was twenty-five. I was sixteen. He told me he loved my long, golden hair and he commented on how bright my eyes were, alive, he said.

The thing about all of these encounters over the 3 years that I pursued older men, I never confirmed nor denied my age. Either they knew and didn't care or it turned them on, or they truly believed me to be older than my birth certificate would read. The latter could be a definite possibility, no one can ever guess my real age when I meet them.

To return, before I walked over to him, he was looking at me. He studied me actually, thats a much better word. I sat in the coffee shop, reading about embalming (cheerful, right?) and taking notes for a report, most likely he thought me a studious college student. I was doing things that would seem natural to any man, biting the back end of my pen, brushing my waist length hair over my shoulders, biting my lip and brushing my fingers along the side of my neck as I read. I looked up at him and into his eyes, perhaps he didn't know I can always feel a man's eyes burning scars into my flesh...most don't. I smiled and lowered my eyes sheepishly, surveying his look, his body language.

He tapped away at a slim laptop, its silver glinting in the late afternoon sun that poured through the cafe's floor length windows. The eye games lasted about fifteen minutes, I get bored with them, I like action and though acting is one of my gifts in life, I like to really live it. I picked up my coffee cup and passed him on the way to the refill carafes, ignoring him, but feeling him turn to see me walk. As I refilled the cup, I turned to look at him and said hi. Imediatly I turned back round and busied myself with cream and sugar, carefully replacing the lid as he fumbled a small hello.

I came over to his small bar table and surveyed the pictures of several snowy mountains and I asked him of his seeming like for mountains. After I while I noted that my ankles were bothering me from standing and I needed to get back to studying, his little happiness dropped and he nodded. As a slowly walked back, he asked if he might join me at my table and that studying mountains were getting to him.

Well perhaps snowy mountains...

We sat together for a few hours, that's when I learned of his marital deficit and his past career alongside the tv screen cowboys of the 50's and 60's. He would talk and I was just thinking, Oh my god, cease the talk and get on your knees under the table. I can always pick out an oral man, they have this passion I can see, the love to supplicate themselves before a woman, between her thighs.

I love to surprise men by being extremely and inappropriately forward - finding a key moment to slip in a sexual comment to let them know where my mind is lingering. Ive never found it to be pushed away, rather, they feed it so it can grow. As he commented on animals that he encountered in Peru, I said

You know, there are animals outside of Peru, like for instance, right across the table from you.

He seemed surprised and automatically the sex light went on in his mind as I put my finger tip in my mouth, to finish off the eloquence of my statement. After more chatter, I realized the sun was starting to fall beneath the high rise buildings around the coffee shop. With much pageantry I fussed with my mobile and told of how it seemed to be getting late and that I should probably call a cab. His face kind of sagged for a moment and then he said what I had hoped to egg on -

Well maybe, I could give you a drop at home...really no big inconvenience.

I smiled and nodded and gathered up my things into my messenger bag and tossed my coffee cup in the nearest bin. Now, if you're a reasonable human being your little mind is probably screaming "No! Don't get in the car with him! Call the police!". Well, gentile soul, Ive always had this ineffable confidence that I am bullet proof, total untouchable my evil. Last year, my bullet-proofness wore off and I hit a bit of reality...but for the story Im telling you, my confidence never wavered. I thought nothing of going with him, wherever. Once he started up the car he asked me which direction he ought to go

Anywhere you want to go, I dont need to be home for ages. Mind some company?

I could practically feel the heat falling away from him, he asked if I was sure, I replied,

Of course, love. Anything you say.

My place is fine, maybe we could just sit out back or something. He kind of tumbled over his words.

Yes, of course, sit out back, I thought. He played the CD he had in disc tray, a sampling of his electronic music beats, very metallic and meandering, not such music to my ears, but he seemed to really love it. In fact, he seemed very pleased with himself over the music, over his car, over himself in general, I realized. Oh no, one of those. But no need to worry, it'll be everything you want and more.

Now, from what Ive told you of this man, which is truly limited considering the depth of his person - youll probably think him to be a sad, weak and sort of sheepish man, he was not. Definately not. He had a huge ego, and his confidence burned through his flesh. He seemed to me a man with conviction and soul, anger and fidelity. When we were in his car, he seemed to command it, turning tightly and going quite fast. He asked me if I was a girly-girl or a strong woman,

Nothing scares me or shocks me. I smiled, crossed my legs and looked at him.

Ahead of us, I could see ragged cliff-like rocks that exist in California, the road started to snake through these cliffs and as we hit them, he accelerated. He guided the vehicle at break-neak speeds and with an agility that seems far away for cars. He passed drivers, passing to the left lane of the two lane, two way road...into seeming head on traffic and avoided other cars while passing them on his right. Finally he was in front of them all and was speeding like hell was behind us, all the while making the turns. My pulse heightened and my puss flinched, dampening my panties and making me bite my lips. I hadn't even so much as wiggled in my seat, my hands lay over my knees and my legs remained still daintily crossed.

Oh, so you arent at all...really astonishing. You're a real woman...

His tone was true and he really was shocked, he hadn't been able to ruffle me. Perhaps I had passed a test of some type? Had I shown myself worthy? I smiled and looked out the window to the ever lowering sun and realized he really was a strong man, a sad man, but a strong one.

We turned into a nice, suburban house not far from the downtown coffee shop where we had met. His big brown dog met us at the front door and I laid my bag very near the door. He asked me into the kitchen and set down a plate with a piece of chocolate cake and a cup of tea in front of me and helped himself to a plate of his own as we sat at the bar in his kitchen. I shrugged off the zip-front hoodie I had on, to reaveal a black wife-beater-esque tank top and undoubtedly more breast. His eyes followed the lines of my shoulders all the way to my cleavage as he ate bites of cake. There were no words, only the ticking of the clock and the smell of chocolate icing. My puss and her wetness was pushing me to act...

Im not one really for cake, but I love chocolate. Maybe you could kiss me so I could taste it.

I hardly had time to strategically bite my lip when he ceased me off the bar stool and kissed me hard and deep on the lips. The feel of his hot and silky tongue on my lips and my tongue made me think of my puss and how much she ached. The pressure of his hands on the back of my neck felt so strong and good.

He attempted to kiss me and lead me to his bedroom, which resulted in me tripping backwards and nearly falling over a step that led up out of the kitchen. Though, I was in no danger, his arms were like steel-rebar around me as he kissed/led me. When finally we reached the bed, he grabbed my hips and sat me on the side of the bed and I kicked off my shoes as he totally dropped down to his tight, black briefs. I started to undo my jeans, but he chimed in,

No, don't. I'll do it, just lay down. He had a sexy determined look on his face, all sex and primal need. So, he was a ful service guy...very hot.

I pulled myself to the center of the bed and he pulled down my jeans and panties in one fal swoop. He took my left leg and pinned it to the bed and brought himself up between my legs, surveying my kitten in all it's glistening glory, spread out in the light from the bedside lamp and the dying sun outside. It seemed he couldnt contain himself,

Oh my god, you are perfect. Gorgeous. Wow....

He seemed totally enraptured with my puss, he commented on it's pinkness, the small swollen lips, my tiny exposed clit. Im one for momentary excitement and my pussy follows my every emotion, from the moment I began my eye games with him, my pussy started to get wet. By the time we reached the bed and my pants had gone on vacation, I was dripping. And wow, how he noticed. It was like he was writing a poem to my pussy, hoping to gain entrance after successfully wooing her. I really think she loved it, I know I did.

He began kissing my inner thighs and the small bit of my tummy which wasnt covered by my tank top, dragging his tongue nearer to my kitten. Until finally, he hit home, his tongue and lips snaking wild heat over my wetness. I moaned and brought my fingers to my mouth and bit down, my back arching and my hair splayed all over the counterpane.

He gathered my ass in both hands and lifted my hips up to his mouth off the bed, swishing his mouth back and forth, his teeth lightly grazing the inner lips of my pussy. I came as he dragged the flat of his tongue against my clit, his nose pressed to the outer lips of puss. He moaned with me as I came hard and it made me all the more heated and I felt like all my body was emploading. He looked into my eyes as he lapped up all my come from my sensitive pussy,

Oh my god, you taste so sweet. You came so much, wow...

He was utterly entranced. I let him just continue licking away at puss, his tongue hitting again and again on the hot spot of my tired little clit, making a small whimper issue from my mouth and my back to arch. Like only 7% of all the female population, I have been gifted with the ability to actually come, and issue forth lubrication when I orgasm. He seemed to wallow in this seeming gift and he commented,

You just let go, you came so hard. I would have licked at you for hours...I will if you want me to.

He seemed like a puppy dog, oh so ready to serve. Well I certainly pegged him well as an oral-man. His imploring eyes locked on mine as he again went down on me, the heat again hitting me. I let my head fall back as I leaned up on my hands, feeling all the moment within me. Taking his head in my hands and lifting his face to mine I said,

Don't you want something? Do you want to fuck me? Mmm, please fuck me.

Again I bit my lip for dramatic flair and added a girlie lilt, like a little girl begging for candy.

With no hesitation, he ripped off my top over my head and undid the small clip between my breasts to release them to the atmosphere and plunged his head between them, his hands caressing the sides of my breasts as he kissed and licked at my cleavage, pressing their full size on either side of his face. I loved how he moaned as he partook in my feminine gifts, savoring everything I could give him. He pushed me hard against the bed and towered over me between my legs on his knees and released his "gift". My mouth fell open and then I bit my lip with joy.

People say size doesn't matter? It may not matter, but it sure can make a girl severely orgasmic on sight and contact. He tossed his briefs to the pile of other vacationing clothing and pulled hard on my hips to bring me to him. He took my legs and wrapped them around his waist and at the same moment pinianed me with his masterly dick. I let out a scream and my back arched deeply with surprise and ecstasy and he began to thrust away, wrapping his hands under my hips and pulling every ounce of strength and putting it into the momentous fucking of me.

My hands wandered to my breasts and I squeezed hard as I moaned and screamed to feel his stiff self rub against the wet heat within me. I felt completly filled and joyous, I cried out and moved my body in time with his, making him moan with me.

When he finally came after so long of this blissful movement, I could feel his cock erupt inside of me, the strength of it overwhelming me as he placed his thumb upon my clit that I nearly instantaneously came with him. With a commanding hand, he gathered me up and lay me before him as he lay behind me, cupping my ass in his one hand and pressing his muscled chest against my hot back. His huge arms wound around me as I panted and cooed, his breathing very near my ear, so steady and calm already. I felt like a totally overused pony, being rubbed down after a long gallop, my body sore and hot, damp and tired.

As is my custom, after a few moments of this post-coital contact, I sat up and went off in search of a bathroom. I sat on the sink and washed my sensitive clit, feeling his come and mine slide out of me, knowing it would be doing so until at least tomorrow. I laughed as slid my hand over my clit and tired lips and rinsed myself with cool water. I washed my face and drank some water from the tap, fully refreshed and full of jubilation from the sound fucking I had happened upon.

Though he asked me for my number, and called me uncountable times, I never saw Dana again. This time at least, and for him, I was a one trick pony.



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