Saturday, April 29, 2006

Love Lines #1

I love having the time to develop this new blog im cooking up with all my little adventures, and misadventures. So Im making room a few cute little features, like this one: Love Lines. A few paragraphs about things that turn me on, people that turn me on - things of that torrid nature. Can you dig?

I love seeing married women. I love it when they kiss their husbands, the way theyre so easy with them, the way they can share something in their glance. For all my love of men, I can always slip into a fantasy about going down on someones wife while they watch, my mouth on their breasts, their kitten and their skin. Plus, doesnt every little girl dream of one day being someone's? +Sigh+

I love when a man admits he loves to go down on his woman, or any woman he fancies really. I love it when they like to describe how they like to taste and lick and suck, nibble. I love when they theyre just enamoured with a very slick, dripping pussy.

I love when someone talks dirty in your ear, scalding your mind with obsenity, with lust, with a the fire that consumes them. Ive heard words from men that make me squirm, and swell and drip, my kitten feeling like its on fire. It is just like everyone says - "The mind is the body's largest sex organ...". Oh yeah.

I love to be kissed in strange places: the palms of my hands and feet, my eyelids, my shoulders, behind my ears, the tender flesh on the bottom of my breasts. Licking and biting and sucking and slapping all very well and good - but sometimes just light kisses can put you over the edge.

Finally, I love when you know youre about the orgasm, the tight little pain in your clit and you mind is just screaming "Fucking come already! Do it!", when at last that most consuming pain envelops you and lie there, taking it all in, its like coming out on the other side of war. If thats what war is like - sign me up for the Army.

So theres my little bit o' love. Hope you enjoyed it. All my love and kisses.


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His fucktoy said...

i did enjoy this.
It gave me a panging longing, insightful... and your blog is also becoming paramount to my reading repertoire...