Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bound by the Night

With so much going on in my life including a new semester of Uni starting next week, working at the newspaper, worrying about family issues & trying to have as much meaningful sex with my boyfriend as much as possible...I'm feeling a little stressed.

Though luckily for me, my boy knows how to snap it out of me.

Someone has been a very, very oversexed little girl...

Though I'm no longer in the intensive BDSM lifestyle, I still love a hard spanking sessions, having my ankles and wrists bound with my ass sticking up in the air, my face pressed to the soft sheets. It makes me the best la petite possible, its sort of like the "Refresh button" for my sex drive.

Last night as I lay on my bed with Gadget talking about his current issues with his work space, I interrupted our serious chat with some well-reasoned thoughts,

I really would love for you to press my shoulders to the bed and spank me until my bottom is red. Maybe I can stand in front of you after and thank you by doing that thing you love, the dance thing.

He laughs in that way that isn't really laughter but shows his amusement and interest. I hear him fumbling through the dresser drawer as I rip off my tight tee and kneeled on the bed in my white and blue polka dot panties. I can feel the air pressing on me; warm, heated by expectation and lust.

When he stands next to me, as I kneel, I'm shorter than he, like always but now I feel a smallness, a need to do what he wants, what he needs. The cold metal of the black steel handcuffs presses to my delicate wrists, the tightness of it as the little clicks tighten against me, denting into my flesh. His voice surrounds me,

You've been so naughty. Naughty girl.

He holds the chain of the cuffs as he uses his other hand to tilt my face up to him, his mouth wet and hot and as kisses me with renewed passion. His voice is soft, his own, though harsh in my ear,

You don't think I'm going to go easy on you, do you?

My pulse quickens, my throat constricts and I can feel the need of his hands on me, to have my body possessed just like my mind is right now. His hand drops from the chain of the cuffs and his large grip extends around my long hair, I can feel the tips of it swishing over my ass as he gathers it into one hand and tugs, my face exposed now helplessly to him, his hungry mouth on my mine.

He helps my shoulders down to the bed with one hand on my chest and the other on my shoulder blades. I have an internal chorus going on inside my mind, so many sensations and so, so much need. He grabs a hold of the chain between the cuffs and tugs them so that my arms are fully extended and my hands are touching my panties.

His hand is harsh as it smacks against my ass. The thin cotton of my panties does nothing to shield me as he spanks my sit-spot over and over again. Tiny tears slip from my closed eyes as I see each heated spank and the corresponding pain as colors in my mind.

I slip to sub space as the spanks get harder. When his strong hand smacks my upper thigh right near my kitten I wail out and crumpled into a little ball on the black silk sheet. He kisses my back as he undoes the cuffs, they seem to get tighter and tighter with each tear-filled jerk of my body. Fear fills my mind but its quelled quickly by Gadget's calming voice telling me that he loves me. He lies next to me and pulls my body like a rag-doll to him, his arms encircling me as I try to sort my mind for the better.

After he kisses me like the broken little child that I am, admiring my tear streaked face and declaring my beauty, I get on all fours and kiss him deeply. His hands slip over me and I can feel his rock hard cock ever deepening in its arousal. I take a pillow and drop it onto the floor beside the bed and look up at him, my eyes heated and on fire in the candle-lit darkness.

When he slides to me, I lick the tip of his cock gently, sucking shallowly on its swollen head. I stand and wrap my arms over his shoulders and round the broad back of his neck. My breasts press to his upper chest, his chin and mouth dangerously close to the two soft pillows of flesh. He moans quietly as his arms wrap around my waist, as his hands smooth over my back and down over my ass.

I turn around and press my back to him, my ass wiggling around sultry on his thighs, his swollen cock. I take his hands and slide them over my breasts, my smooth stomach and the tops of my thighs. His soft noises are making me so wet, our body contact is making my mind dull and escape into the sensations and the emotions. I bend over, showing him my ass, my hands touching the floor as I wiggle and dance about in front of him, his hands never leaving my flesh.

My warm skin flames into a fire as I slide my body down, my strong legs bending so that I hold a squat in front of him, my arms resting on his thighs like a great armchair, his hands seeing to warm further as they grip my breasts. As he starts to moan in a pleading, soft way, I turn and drop down, my mouth on his cock.

He leans back as I look up into his eyes, my lips around him, my tongue swirling on his flesh inside my mouth. I suckle gently as I move my mouth up and down over him, his flesh ever hardening. I can feel the tell-tale signs of his cock head swelling and joy floods my mind as I reach down into my panties and rub my dripping clit. His come floods my mouth as my fingertip busies itself on my swollen clit. I hold my lips tight around him as the final spasms rattle his body. And when I pull back, resting on my heels, I swallow his come as he watches.

He comes to me as I kneel before him and wraps his arms around me, kissing me deeply, his voice thick and nearly child-like,

There are no words to describe how wonderful that was. You're the best baby, you're so wonderful.

I can feel myself letting go of my insecurities and become that sensual being that I would only let myself become when a man and a fuck didn't matter to me. I can understand myself better when I look at myself as he does and as the world does.

Life gets better when you just let yourself go.



Anonymous said...

You sound ready for a good face fucking with his cock so deep in yout throat, the tears flow. It is, after all, why they call it deep throating.

single gal said...

that was a fabulous retelling!
i could use a good spanking....

Anonymous said...


Cajunag said...

Wow. That was so intense and erotic. Reading this was a perfect start to my day. :)

Your posts never cease to arouse and delight.


la petite dévergondée said...

haha, always great to know that I can put someone to sleep.

people's opinions never cease to amaze me, perhaps thats why the say say people are like snowflakes....oh no....haha.

-la petite

single gal said...

that's totally something to be proud of!

Fat Controller said...

Thank you so much for this. My beloved also likes a little light bondage and being spanked until the tears flow but she doesn't express herself in the way that you do so after the tears comes the guilt...did I push her too far?, did I really spoil it for us this time? is she really enjoying this or is she just trying to please me?

Thank you for a most amazing description of how it is to be on the receiving end.

-Fat Conroller

His fucktoy said...

You never put me to sleep, sweetness. i wondered why the picture looked so familiar! Then i read it, mmmm.. discipline. As we know, i'm a sucker for it.

Sometimes a slut just needs to have her ass smacked.

Then if you're me.... well, we know how that goes!!

You're beautiful (and i'm back online- yay!) and i love reading your erotic posts.

If you're following my "color sequence", there's a new one coming soon.