Monday, August 28, 2006

Longing: Summer

When apart, lovers can miss one another, yearn for each other's bodies and deal with minds running rampant with thought of past trysts, adventures and hot, sweaty body parts. The time apart is also good in some ways because it cleans your desire to make it fresh.

Its sad but true: absence makes the heart (and kitten) grow fonder.

Why is my world always so distorted?

I love MySpace for its sheer level of lame and the fact that so many people have obsessions with it. I have not got an obsession, but its fun to trip upon old friends you grew up with and mentally rewarding for your ego when you realize an ex has found you on there and is pondering over your latest photos.

The gadget and I are "friends" on the site and its kind of a fun game to comment back and forth even though we see each other most every day. When I didn't see him today I made good use of boy-free time and finally finished the redecoration of my room and took care of other home-related things. Though I was busy, I still missed him and after speaking with him after his work day was over, it made it a little worse.

I came online after all my initial online-work (I have a lot to do w/ all the programming updating I do not only for this site but for other people who I work for $$$) and found he'd left a comment on my page and my heart trilled.

I was sweet, lovely, romantic and Oh-so-Gadget of him, also it had a fair bit of sexy to it...

I am here alone tonight and I cant stop thinking about running my fingers through your hair and squeezing your perfect tiny hands. It feels like a part of me isn't with me here tonight.


I also, cant stop thinking about that dress. MMMmmm.

I love when you can capture the mind an libido of a man long after he leaves you. And in this case, it makes it all the more sweeter that I have his heart too. On the flip side, he has mine too and though its a bit scary, its also quite lovely.

Also....he owns my libido.

I feel myself flipping to a quite amorous frame of mind as I sit here in the bluish glow from my monitor monster. I feel like dipping my hand down the front of my loose, ripped, low rise jeans and down under the hipband of my silky black panties and kindling a fire in my kitten...

I feel like being alone though, and I'm so excited about the new semester of classes unfurling before me that started up last week. I live up to my geek-ette titling with the sheer fact that after I decided to take the whole summer off for some brain relaxation, though soon after I wished I hadn't and that I had classes and deadlines to look forward.

As the summer closes though, I'm recounting all that happened during the summer and even considering how busy my summers are (though this one is the first time I've stayed in my own country and then come back again for about 10 years) this one was quite an adventure in a way, or ten:

  • Decided to bite the bullet and start dating (and fucking) again for the first time since October 05.
  • I met my ex and then dumped him for being A)boring B)boring in bed C) BORING!
  • I got a job working for a few websites doing programming, reviewing and general geek-ette duties.
  • Increased the size of my sexy toy chest by about a ton.
  • Baby lizards have invaded my water-front house! Eeek!
  • Worked on layout and profiles for the tiny newspaper I work for. And took crap, a lot.
  • Met my current boyfriend, dated him, fucked him and then fell in love.♥
  • Got on birthcontrol pills (story soon to follow, last Tuesday was the first "safe" day!).
  • Decided that my life is actually pretty wonderful and that bad things happen constantly but you need to keep on truckin because every road is long and yet my hope is strong...
  • Looked at my legs and said "Holy fuck, I have sexy legs!" (this really, really and truly happened!) and then decided to post a bunch of photos for the site and bill them out in upcoming memoirs and posts. (lucky you!)
  • Realized I'm the only thing keeping my family together and I like that...Well kinda.
  • Finally (but not least!!!!) had 49 orgasms! Yay!
So summer love came true for me this year, lizards have taken over my home and my legs decided to make me realize their sexy factor - all in all a great season.

I'm looking forward to a very rewarding and sexy Fall and then a very hot a heavy (and maybe snowy white!) Winter; all full of love, sex, orgasms, posts, photography and of course my blend of debauchery and intelligence mixed up with breasts, handcuffs and spankings.

With Autumn fast approaching on September the 23rd, where has your summer gone?

Summer loving had me a blast, Summer loving, happened so fast!


Anonymous said...

Birth control pills, eh? Wait til Gadget sees what they do to your breasts!


Anonymous said...

Birth control pills, eh? Wait til Gadget sees what they do to your breasts!


single gal said...

fabulous entry.
i totally love looking for the positive it all of life's challenges - good on ya chickie!

Cajunag said...

Sounds like you have had a wonderful summer. My summer highlight just concluded. I went to Las Vegas for 5 days of R&R. :)

dein_jesus said...

O_o weird but cool ;)