Monday, August 14, 2006

Highway of Light

Being a dancer when I was younger not only lent me grace and a love of performance and attention, but it sculpted my legs into those of a 1950's Pin-Up girl.

Men seem to dig the gams.

Last night I went with gadget and another friend of ours to a jazz club and listened for a few hours, hung out, drank a bit and watched the groupie girls with tiny skirts flutter their breasts around before the musicians. It was fun.

Though I got tired of the people, the loudness and had gadget and our friend take me down to the car and inevitably home. Walking down the narrow, wooden stairs in 4 inch heels that were affixed with merely cotton straps wound and tied around my ankles was an adventure in itself.

In the car I sprawled my legs before me, my heels on the dashboard not remembering that I had a sex-responsive man seated next to me operating a vehicle, which at the moment I was a passenger of. Gadget's eyes boggled out of his head and he relayed to me a few facts about the night and my sex appeal,

All night I've been staring at your legs and your tiny feet in those heels. Oh my God baby. That skirt drives me crazy, absolutely crazy. Look at you, god.

His hands slid over my thighs and down to my ankles to the tight, black cotton straps and over my small feet to my pinkly manicured toes. The night and the lights of our bright city passed by on both sides, burning points of light yet we held such concealed privacy inside of the speeding, steel carriage in which we sat.

I leant my head back on the seat, one slim fingertip rubbing along my bottom lip, feeling the sensations of his warm hands on my chilled skin. His hand pushed my skirt further down my thigh to my lap, my black panties showing under the hem of the black skirt.

His fingertips slid briefly over the soft black patch of cotton covering my kitten, but they slipped back to my legs. My legs were his toys now, the kitten could wait for later. His hands drew maps over my skin, his trail snaking at his own pleasure. He slapped the side of my thigh lightly to hear the strong slap, to feel the firmness. I hummed lightly in my throat, listening to the music that played blindly through the car as he ravished my legs,

'You can have it if you really want,
You can grasp it if you have the thought,

Feel your power that is deep within,
Are you ready?
On your mark begin,

We should take time out to really love...'

Lenny Kravitz pumping his sultry sound through my head and over my skin as sensation burned through me. I saw the burning stars of light around me, the blue led from the stereo, the sound of sex flowing from the speakers and his hands all over me.

All was burning, all was heat and sound.

I was his distraction and he was my full attention, my body my full occupation, feeling it and what it was giving me. What his hands were giving me. Snakes of sensation over the silk skin of my legs, the heels accentuating the moment.

At the house, he kissed me in a whirl in my room, his arms directing me, turning me and pushing me down toward the bed. My legs went up, my panties came off and his hot mouth met my dripping pink kitten. Explosions of heat and power and I could feel all my nerve endings crashing into one another. Yet again he took my body, made it his own, and then threw it back for me to feel like the death of light and the rebirth of the sun.

His mouth burning me and my heels still on.


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And on yet another note of loveliness: Jefferson, my new love and fantasy fuck-buddy featured my memoir "Bound by the Night" on a Fleshbot Roundup!!! Whoot!!! You can see the roundup here. I guess my handcuff tomfoolery is highly regarded by my fellow nymphobabes on the net, yay! Big kisses to sexy J.


Cajunag said...

Mmmmm...what a delicious entry.

You made a very dull afternoon at the office so much more enjoyable.


la petite dévergondée said...

awe, thanks pidgeon!

big kiss

-la petite

single gal said...

wow - those are fabulous shoes and i have to agree about the legs.
*so jealous*

CorporateSlaveMonkey999 said...

Your stories never cease to be fantastic.

Djaevle said...

You can add me to list of men who dig your gams.

Legs are the pathway to darker, silken places.

Anonymous said...

OMG those are the best legs ever, wow!