Monday, January 01, 2007

Lay List

The following is an ever-updating cast of the characters mentioned in my memoirs, stories and photo montages. They're not actually characters in the literary sense of the word but if my life were a storybook, these would be my fellow characters.Some are called by their real names here and others have been gifted with nicknames, pseudonyms if you will.

Some are listed but are not currently written into the allegory, but they soon will be...

-------------------------------Your writer:

  • La petite aka "Femme Fatale", "Devergondee", "Miss C", "The Girl", "Slut" - Myself, writer, student, a true exotic, bi-sexual fuck bunny, young woman, sexual submissive and all around twisted "girl next door".
-------------------------------Lesser Characters:

  • Kangaroo - My submissive and current girlfriend. Mentioned: "Blood, Tits, & Gore."
  • Horns - Ex-live in-boyfriend ('08-'09). Mentioned: "New Year. Same Life. Still Happy."
  • Gadget - Ex-Boyfriend (June 06'-June 08') and complete corporate monkey. Mentioned: All over.
  • Thomas - Pre-18 lover and current close friend. Yet to be written about.
  • Trigger aka "Garcon Virgin" - Yet another claimed virgin. Mentioned: "Garcon Virgin"/"Night Ride"
  • James - Ex boyfriend/the owner of my virginity, and I of his. Mentioned: "Virginal Cherry"
  • Master Mika - Former BDSM Master('05-06'). Mentioned: "Submissive Little Darling"
  • Brad - Dear friend, Yet another virgin claimed. Mentioned: "Oh, Brad."
------------------------------- Even Lesser Characters.

  • Stiletto - A hot one time lady lover of mine. Yet to be mentioned.
  • Liverpool Johnny - A John. Yet to be mentioned.
  • Hot Shot - Former BDSM Sir and total sociopathic abuser. Yet to be mentioned.
  • Method - Former BDSM play-mate Sir. Mentioned: "Give Me My Sin Again."
  • Mantis aka "Pool Boy" - Ex-lover. Mentioned: "A Trashy Reminder."
  • Ninja - Friend/Former Lay. Mentioned: "It's a Dog's Life."
  • Dillon - Ex-lover, fellow cheater. Mentioned: "Oh Dirty Girl"/"He Wants to Cheat..."
  • Madeleine - Fellow orgy-attendant, fem lover. Mentioned: "When Girls Actually Like Girls"
  • Piston - Madeleine's other half, one-time lover. Yet to be written.
  • Italy - Ex lover, messer of minds. Yet to be written.
  • Chord - Masculine half of a couple, Go-go's boy. Yet to be mentioned.
  • Go-Go - Femme half of a couple.. Mentioned: The Monday Buzz: KamaSutra.
  • Sands - Long time friend and almost-lover. Yet to be mentioned.
  • Libra - Femme fling. Mentioned: "Kissing Her Lips"
  • Aaden - New York New Year's Eve '08 lover/fling/one night stand. Mentioned: "My New York Indiscretion Parts 1 & 2"
  • Lita - Former female BDSM player. Yet to be written about.
  • Joshua - Former BDSM player. Yet to be written about.
  • Sarah - Ex Sapphic lover. Yet to be written about.
  • Jilla - Friend and Ex sapphic lover. Yet to be written about.
  • Chase - A very hung, pre-18 lover, Yet to be written about.
  • Damon - My lascivious Tango instructor. Mentioned:"The Desperate Tango"
  • Robbie - My family's former handyman. Mentioned: "The Bikini and the Handyman"
  • Anon. Dominant - A Dom I picked out of a crowd. Mentioned: "Caught: Domination"
  • Three English Lesbians - 2 WORDS: Lesbian Orgy. Mentioned: "More Varied & Active"
  • A dear male friend - He wanted me, but didnt have me. Mentioned: "More Varied & Active"
  • A male family friend - He saw me undressing, naughty. Mentioned: "More Varied & Active"
  • An exboyfriend's girlfriend - She bent both ways. Mentioned: "More Varied & Active"
  • Davie - Former fuckbuddy friend fucker, Yeah. Mentioned: "He Wasn't Mine"
  • Jill - Childhood friend fuckbuddy fucker, Yeah. Mentioned: "He Wasn't Mine"
  • Fucktoy - Fellow sex blogger and bdsm slave.
  • Spring Break Boy - He ate me out. Yeah, thats it. Mentioned: "Friday Night Teaser"
  • Ellie - Friend and former sapphic lover. Mentioned: "Kiss of Rose Pt. 1 & 2"
  • Greg - Another claimed virgin of mine and old friend. Mentioned: "Convertible Kitten"
  • Val - Russian Artist and former summer lover. Mentioned: "Artist's Muse"
  • "D" - First ass experience. See: "Davie" ^. Mentioned: "Booty Call"
  • Bray - Former boss and former mind fuck. Mentioned: "Through the Looking Glass"
  • Milo - Old friend and lover of all things sexy and bloody. Mentioned: "He Liked the Darkside"
  • Kyle - ExLover and desirous of the female orgasm. Mentioned: "Why Don't You Come When I Fuck You?"
  • Sam - Church friend and lover of daddy/lil girl play. Mentioned: "Ill Be Your Baby"
  • Dana aka "Bones" - Musician, BDSM fiend and ExLover. Mentioned: "He Liked to Lick"


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