Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Sleepless Night

Im so sleepless and here cuddling with my bear and just scanning the web, when I had a marvelous idea: Try to make myself come as many times as I can with my little red vibe.

So far the count is three in ten minutes (I have to let myself calm all the way down before trying again). And this is interesting: A song started in iTunes when I started attempt #3 and I caught the time that had gone by when I reached orgasm - 1:25. Surely not a record for me, but an interesting tidbit.

I also sent a text to Gadget (though yes, its 4:30 am) because I just had to share. Though you know me, Im a big one to share. It consisted of this:

I just came while thinking of you. I know its super late but I thought you'd like to know.

Now what sane man would be upset by being awoken by a text of that species?

Ill keep you updated as the night progresses. Lucky you, Im sure.

@4:53 am: Ive just accomplished #4 and very proud, but now sleepy. Ouchie, poor little clit.

@5:07 am: Well #5 has just come to fruition....sorry for the pun. Fuck, this is akin to running like 2 miles. Woo. I think its time to settle in and try to sleep. Hah, as if.



Anonymous said...

I think I saw #5 happening.

Kyma said...

Mmmmmmm... that sounds like so much fun, plied with erotic thoughts and a vibe, living the night life in bliss.

El Cuervo said...

5, that is quite an accomplishment, good for you (and glad that you are really back)

Cajunag said...

I would LOVE to awoken by a text (or phone call) like that. Gadget is a very, very fortunate man.

Great post...:)

Elle said...

What fun! sounds like a great way to spend a sleepless night... Out of curiosity did he text back?

la petite dévergondée said...

haha, Elle, he did, but it was short and sweet:


(he was sleepy)

-la petite :)