Thursday, January 11, 2007

Use Me Up (an RPG)

There's a moment when you realize your body needs another's caress, another's control and power, driving them on until that final, violent crescendo.

My body finds itself in this state quite often and damn, does it have a way of reminding me. An RPG is a video game term mostly and here apply to yourself, make it feel as if I wrote this down for you, pressed it into your hand as you left my bed in the morning.

Feel what I'm feeling as I'm writing this. Make my memory your own...And enjoy.


When one grows up, one assumes some very lascivious poses...
but sometimes one just wants to lounge like a little girl.

Do you see me, in my black bra and black lace panties, lying on the bed before you? My eyes are half shut, seeing the world through a haze and feeling the warm need growing inside of me. Do you want to slip onto the bed beside of me? Do you long to feel the warmth of my skin against yours in the January cool? I curl up onto my knees and crawl toward you, burying my face in your warm, fragrant crotch, smelling your singular scent. It pulls me nearer to the verge of lustful control.

I sigh as I pull up to meet my lips to yours, my hands sliding from your chest up and over your strong shoulders, both meeting at the back of your neck, pressing my body against yours. I beg to feel your big, strong hands down my back to rub firmly on my hips, fingers playing gently with the lace of my panties, a foremention to what will come. I say sultry words close to the soft shell of your ear,

Please kiss me, kiss me like you want to possess me. Kiss me like you've taken me over. Kiss me like I'm yours. Make me remember who I belong to. Please...

I want to sigh deep in my throat as you crush me to your body, kissing my face down to my neck, nibbling on the tender flesh there. A whimper escapes as you bite deeply into the flesh of my neck, a crash of nerve responses runs down my body, all the way into my toes. It feels so good to be held roughly, to be bitten roughly. Your hands are tightly gripping my ass cheeks, your hands so strong and unrelenting. I can feel myself becoming moist, my insides warming and twisting, readying for that final ecstasy and fire.

You pull me off the bed and set my feet on the floor, roughly turning me to face the bed and pressing a hand on my lower back to let me know to bend over, to reveal my now slightly reddened ass to your full view. Before I can catch my breath, I feel the hard pop of a hard slap on my ass, warming the spot instantly. My bottom wiggles lustfully as each slam hits it, little moans issuing with each contact. I'm dripping now, and from your ministrations.

You make me feel so deliciously drenched in sublime pain.

You know you cant control yourself, the sight of my red, spanked ass is driving you mad with lust and my needy moans aren't hurting either. You rip my panties down over my legs. I hardly have time to get them off my ankles when you push my legs against the bed and slid your cock between my thighs. You want to take me brutally, harsh, taking me to my limit, pounding into me from behind. Your cock tries to burrow inside, you adjust my hips to a perfect angle and you hit the spot, drive deep inside, a loud and raucous moan shouting out of me.

Dear god, please help me. My senses are sending me out of my body and into a new dimension of pleasure.

You want to spew forth lascivious words to buffet my ears and make me further fall into the pit of desire. You opt instead to thrust after long intervals to drive me crazy with anticipation. You want to order me around, you want me to follow your every whim. You say, slowly and with menace, an obvious command,

Slide your hand underneath your body and slowly circle your clit.

I move quickly to follow your command, greedily and with joy, but you add a stipulation,

...But don't come until you hear me let you come.

I whimper in agitation but a swift and direct thrust, deep into my center makes me understand that you are the word of god, so to speak.

My eyes flutter as I try to keep control of my writhing orgasm, your thrusting threatening to drive me mad. My moans beg for release but you have a grand design, you want to make me know what you are, you want me to understand that you hold the control.

I'm panting now, every sound issuing from my lips is a prayer for release, begging my body to obey.

Your words are like a blessing to me,

Come now. Come with me. Come for me.

I wail out as my womb pulses out like the burst of lightening and my back arches up, my hands grasping and begging for something to clutch. The waves fall over me with a power that is unnamable. Then as if the calm after a storm, my body falls softly and my eyes still cant open. Every breath of air upon my flesh feels like thunder, is powerful and catches me off guard.

I breath out, a calming breath as I fall to the bed and roll over, my hair spreading out over the bed like a blanket. You lie next to me, your ankles twining with mine. You slide the palm of one hand from my waist to around my hip, lying it over my thigh. A kiss and a smile remind me of our peace and that the play has come to an end. Were equal now and a contented smile trickles over my face.

Thank you is the word that slushes around my brain. Thank you for possessing me and thank you for knowing when me gentle once again to reassure me of your care for my fragile mind.

I love you.

(A memoir dedicated to my love, Gadget)



Anonymous said...


You have such a way of being hot and steamy and also very mannered and polite.

Can "polite" be a word used to describe sex blogging? I think so in you case.


Cajunag said...

That was amazing!

So sensual and erotic. Extremely well written.

Thanks for brightening up my Friday. :)

Kyma said...

hi love, read your thingy. love it

la petite dévergondée said...

awe, kyma my love. thank you so much, though we both know its "not your style". haha

mucho mucho kisses

-la petite

Kyma said...

I couldn't resist using that quote la petite. It had to be done :)

Fat Controller said...

Beautifully exciting as always. Just makes me want to go home right now and....

But alas... We are not always our own masters. Some other time perhaps. I just hope I can elicit somewhere near the same response in my beloved.

Thank you for brightening a dull day.