Sunday, January 21, 2007

Love Her Madly

At 18, Ive luckily found the beauty that is the Doors (a few years ago actually) and its inspired me to wtie a bit as I dance the chicken dance topless to its wailing glory.

Yes, I said "Topless Chicken Dance".

Yeah baby, gotta love a vintage song that actually has the words "Organ Solo" in its crib notes.

One particular line (italics) has me stirred up like a shaken martini:

Don't you love her madly
Don't you need her badly
Don't you love her ways
Tell me what you say

Don't you love her madly
Wanna be her daddy
Don't you love her face...

Oh yeah, be my daddy, be my daddy, be my daddy. Oh Baby. :)

Last night I was flipped by a sex bout with Gadget that had me clawing and biting him like a realeased lioness on her estres. It was one of those nights that my mouth is on a mission, yes, a mission. A Licky Mission and hey, no one hates a Licky Mission.

I had already gotten to the point where I beg for him to lick my bum as I touch myself, without using any of those words. I was moaning in contrition, begging my body for an orgasm and feeling the luscious warmth of his tongue slithering all around and inside of me. We were pressed in a contortion on my bed and just crazy with my needs. I had one of those horribly twsited sex needs. I wanted to scream out "Yes, please Daddy!". This is very strange indded for me with Gadget. Weve never done age-play and he has even let it be known that he thinks thats a might creepy. I must admit, thats one of the dirtier mind-play things you can do in my book. I love it so though.

Its probably just my father complex, but it fucking gets me off in a minute. My older man fantasies and experiences have been ripe with these kinds of screamings and pleadings. I dont think of my actual father during it, its only role play, it enriches it, its like a soft ownership, thats super nonthreatening. That, is what kicks me.

Please fuck me and hold my pigtails like handlebars.

Please let me sit on your face and grab my asscheeks as they wave in your face.

Please let me be your dirty little girl. I love it. I want it. I crave it.

It makes me wet. Oh yes.



Cajunag said...

Damn. With this post you hit on so many fantasies that get me throbbing. WOW!

Thanks for a wonderful, wonderful post!

I share your desire for age play. I love being a naughty little girls Daddy. I absolutely LOVE it. ;)

El Cuervo said...

wow... amazing night. Hopefully he will get more into the role playing. He just has to stop thinking too deep into it, at the end if it gets you off, he should go for it.

And i LOVE the Doors, the lyrics, the music, the rythm! fucking with riders of the storm is just a huge trip!

Reaper said...


I have read your blog now for a while and finally I came to drop a word and tell you to keep it up!


Reaper said...


I have read your blog now for a while and finally I came to drop a word and tell you to keep it up!


Fat Controller said...

I'm busy here piecing together in my mind all the little snippets of images you have allowed us to see, then imagining you doing the chicken dance. Topless.

My fevered imagination is in overdrive

You know how to be cruel!!!

And as for the licking: As far as I'm concerned the pleasure of giving is least least as great as the pleasure of receiving. It makes me shiver just to think of it.

Kisses xxxxxx


Endymion, ME said...

Dearest Baby,

I understand, and am overwhelmed by your eloquence, your acceptance of your desire ...

this is missing in my life at present, Daddy is without a baby who can play well, but time will tell.

I write here because this post, and your (April ?) post "I'll Be Your Baby" give me hope.

Most of all I write to say thank you for being you and trusting your voice so intimately.

It is a rare offering.

With warmest regards,

Endymion, ME

(ask me and I'll let you know what ME stands for ... it's only a small secret, but it's mine !-)