Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dirty/Sexy Lyrics: Peaches

Its been a while since I've done a music feature with my own sexy twist but I was reminded by a lovely friend about how fun it is.

You can't see my panties.....oh wait, yes you can.

Peaches is one bitchy, big mouthed girl with a promiscuous attitude, a mixing board and tons of electronic beats that fuel her type of twisted lyrics, but I love her and her music. She sounds like a girl version of a guy's inner monologue and I love her sick honesty when it comes to pursuits of the bedroom and she's German so what's not to love? She talks about sex like a trucker and you know what, I dig that.

So for your enjoyment, here is a run-down of a song by Peaches: AA XXX

My comments are {bracketed} & lyrics are italic.

I like the innocent type
Deer in the headlight
Rocking me all night
Flexing his might
Doing it right
Keeping me tight
Taking a bite out of the peach tonight 
{I love this as she seems to be talking a guy who is just 
a tad intimidated with her sexual prowess like he can't 
believe she's so into it. I love the "taking a bit out 
of the peach tonight" bit, its so visceral.}
Consider my suspicion
Let’s see if my intuition
Has any volition
‘Cause I’m on a mission
For the omission, the competition
And the definition of my position
It’s bitching, it’s bitching, it’s bitching, it’s bitching 
{I don't know what this is about, but she sings it 
really fast I love it.}
Only double A
Thinking triple X
Only double A
Thinking triple X
Only double A
Thinking triple X
{This doesn't apply to me, but she's saying even 
girls with little tits can be sexual and have 
dirty thoughts.} 

Yeah...There’s more
I’m hexed I’m vexed
I’m in the devil's text
Some people say that I keep my self-respect
Hidden in my cervix, next 
Licky licky sucky
Nobody here can tell me they don’t wanna fucky fucky
Licky licky sucky
Nobody here can tell me they don’t wanna fucky fucky 
{I LOVE what Full Metal Jacket has done for the public 
Only double A
Thinking triple X
I’m only double A
But I’m thinking triple X
I’m only double A
But I’m…
Triple X double A
Triple X double A
Triple X double A
Triple X double...
{Again, showing that a little breasted petite girl 
can be a sex deity in her own right.}



Athena said...

I'm always a fan of new music, and this is way up my aisle. I think I'm adding this to my workout mix.

Jake (of Facts and Friction) said...

Peaches is coming up in my Aural Pleasures series too. She is utter filth. I love Downtown - completely suggestive, but not so extreme that it would scare anyone that I've dragged into my room off.

la petite dévergondée said...

J: "dragged"? really? I doubt you do much dragging, more like holding them up as you escort them to your comfy bed before they pass out from lust. haha

athena: Yeah this is a great work out song...I swim to it. :)

♥la petite

Rogue said...

Peaches is a former schoolteacher and is in my city (Toronto). I adore her work also.