Thursday, September 25, 2008

Drunk, It Happens

It happens, 

In the moment I know I’m irrepressibly drunk.

I have the realization that my life is spiraling out of control but, it doesn’t scare me.

Rather, it gives me pause when I chuckle and think, 
“Who gives a damn?”
I throw my hands up, laugh out from my whole body and tense as my form is swung around like as it is on a carnival ride.

I am alive.




single gal said...

Hope things are under control!
Take care.


la petite dévergondée said...

Haha, yeah I'm no alcoholic, but as a college student I do feel its my duty to sometimes wail out and "act my age".

I've been so busy lately with a new relationship going on, a move on my plate, a school switch, a job transfer and working full time. Yeah, I'm a bit overwhelmed.

Don't worry though, things are actually going really great and I'm as alive and happy as could be. :)

♥la petite