Thursday, May 06, 2010

Gilding My Body With Heat

The heat from between the sheets has compounded as I lay in a heap here under you.

You wrestled the orgasms out of me like fighting titans and now I remain utterly powerless within my frame of flesh. Knocked down eighty-five notches and totally without complaint, mind or reason. I've been fucked to the point of loss of self.

Damn, it feels good to be alive.

The hours before twilight are the best for their dying rays.

This is worth going to hell for, answering to your morals for and making excuses for. Make your arguments to your piety and your morality and your salvation but this is the moments we all look for. A moment when you cease to exist in any of the pain or doubt of your life, your body, or your intelligence. My flesh does not feel compromised by this invasion but it completely reborn from it.

You stroked me. You licked me. You grabbed me. You invaded me. You bit me. You slapped me.

You erased me, even if just for a few post-coital moments.

I can feel every hollow, valley, and joint in my body; they all are asleep and only my brain gently lolls around in my skull. I am tired, sexed out and done for the night.

Your cock was so hard as it drove into me and even if it wasn't like the fairy tale love stories, I relive it to find my body quaking with the passion of it. My hand can feel the texture of your hard cock slipping into my warm, wet slit. My lips are sore for taking you there too, my throat as well and I will smile to myself when I awake in the morning to still feel that ache from taking you so deeply.

This is for now but not for always. I'm ok. I'm glad. I'm happy. I'm elated


Elisha said...

I love how you captured this feeling, it's what I get sometimes as well.

More power to you blog and have fun!:-)

Anonymous said...

At one time, this blog had more than one posting a month and it was about real life, not adventures of the mind. The photos were pretty spectacular too. Will it ever get back to that? Gadget was pretty boring, but much of the rest was great.

la petite dévergondée said...

This particular post IS about real life, real life feelings about sex and a night with an amazing lover.

It is unfortunate that life gets in the way and being a full time college student does take up my life in an extraordinary way. I love this blog as its been a huge part of my sexual evolution and for that reason, it will never truly be let to die.

Last month I was up to neck in work and finals week fast approaching, final projects while still trying to time to find a life and also sex in there as well. My life is a balancing act that never really ends :)

All I can advise is to just stay close, stay in my world and find that passion and connection to my life and writing and I'm sure you won't find yourself disappointed.