Monday, July 17, 2006

A Bit of Pink Alone Time

After a long week of playing house with my boyfriend, reality and the work week set in and he had to leave me to go back to his townhouse and his little branch of life that has nothing to do with me or my needy kitten.

If only for a little while, I was alone and feeling very needy without him there to mercilessly slide his hands all over me. I occupied my time by laundering a week's worth of sex sheets, panties and towels, I cooked dinner for my mother and sister then brushed and massaged my cat.

My mind fell to a very dreary place that consisted of housework, pasta and a moody, sick cat; my mood was not very sexy. That is until around 1 am after I slipped into my room and fell to thoughts of all the dirty, sexy, passionate and titillating things that had transpired during the week. I lay on my bed in a silky black tank top and light green sleep shorts and looked down at my calves, my feet and my hips, all curving in that way God has blessed me with, my breasts swelling against the stretchy fabric of the lycra tank.

Sometimes the final agony is also the best one...

A passive yet devious smile crept to my face remembering a delivery I received earlier in the week from my favorite internet toy shop, I love to peruse over the catalogs and imagine the possibilities of each and every item, their different abilities and how my flesh would react to it.

I sat up on my knees and delicately decided to apply my Pink Crystal Jelly dildo to a task that needed to be executed; my orgasm du jour. After pulling it from its slumber I laid it on the side of my bed and laid myself down against my soft black sheets. I slid my hands over my neck and down my chest, lingered on my breasts that pushed against my confining tank. I slid the strap down over my upper arm, my fingertips sliding against my skin and heating it down my arms and over my hands.

I bit my lower lip as I slid my right hand under my top, my skin reacting in little hot goosebumps. My anxious need to be touched caused me to push down my shorts over my thighs, my kitten touching the air conditioned environment so that I could feel the moisture forming along the bottom of the smooth little outer lips.

I sighed as I lightly caressed those lips with my fingertips, my pink painted nails accentuating the dirty little deed that my hands embarked upon. My hands trailed along where my thighs meet, that trench of soft flesh that my boy likes to trail his slick tongue along, making my back arch and my throat to click tighter. I imagined the moment he first spoke of doing that to my body, his lips so near the delicate shell of my ear, his words heating my ear and all the flesh of my body,

I'll run my tongue along this part here, all up and down; I'll drag my tongue down from the fold in your kitten all the way to your ass, and up again. You'll love it.

My hands pressed deeply into my skin, pressing and dragging along its surface, creating divine friction to heat the core of it, deeply to my body. I felt the glow of my passion ignited deeply inside my body, my heads pounded an ancient seeming rhythm as I longed to be touched, to be taken roughly and to take everything away from someone; but most of it all, I wanted to be filled.

When my blood and body is heated, I mostly long for that deep and full feeling inside my core, my feminine core. I can feel the rhythm of what I need inside of me it seems, I could rock the rhythm upon someone, but when I'm alone I feel the need to fulfill myself, to be all that I need and could ever possibly wish for. My mind lingers on sensations I've felt before and ones that I dream could be in the future. My desire knows no bounds nor pains in the sacred and still place where I lie alone, my skin and flesh feeling my own rules, my own rules of sex and sensations, sensuality. My body can twist in contortions upon my sheets, alone I can feel every breath of air upon my skin, the scant sweat upon it like a thin and invisible glove, picking up every slick of feeling and need from the environment of my self imposed sexual home.

As I stretched out on my bed, my hands entertaining themselves with my coital driven passion upon my thighs, my stomach and around my hips, my shorts fell away and down my legs as they moved serpentine with the wave of my breathing. I can feel m heart pulsing at these moments when I'm so heated that my lips move in little soundless mumbles and my heart thunders in a tender and predictable rhythm, seeming to beat on my rib cage. I can feel my chest plate seem to crack and split, to reveal a dancing and passion filled heart to the world.

My calves rubbed together and in this moment I felt a compression of the chubby and blood filled lips of my slick kitten reminding me of my burning clit, burning for touch, burning for the heated climax of my thunderous orgasm that begged to be released. My hand went to my side, to my toy, a thick, long and beautifully translucent, pink object of my moment's desire. My hand slipped to it soft and pliant surface, my fingertips lit upon its weight and pulled it to me.

I knelt up and took my little bottle of KY and slicked it all over its tip and a little way down the soft jelly shaft of it, feeling its pliancy with my fingertips, pressing it. I slid the tip of it along my slit, touching it to my clit and sliding it down, pressed it into my waiting and slick kitten. I gasped slightly with its girth but then when the tight walls of my cunt gripped its rippled surface, felt of its soft pressure, my mind swooned and I bit down on my plump bottom lip. I moaned out loud as I slid down onto its full length, its soft tip touched the stopping point of the inside of me, my hips recoiled and jutted to feel the pleasure, the pressure. With my cunt spread and filled, I rocked back and forth as I rubbed my fingertips all alone my clit and the swollen inner lips, now dark pink with the effort of surrounding the thick toy.

My right hand rubbed at my slick clit as my left felt of my full breast, tweaking softly at the nipple and pulling it taut and erect. My hand toyed with the dense flesh of my breasts, squeezed it ever so gently to feel its suppleness and then quickly pinched the nipple between my thumb and middle finger. My body started to feel the thousand degree heat of the roll of thunder that is an orgasm and I jutted my hips forward in time with the movements on my clit, my whole self becoming entranced just with this movement and fulfilling the moment with that final fire.

When it hit me, my resolve was lost to the four winds and my whole body danced on the wave of obliterating heat and agony that is my orgasm. My body thrashed and crashed down, slamming me even harder upon the thick dildo that drug on my self-rape and my mind blowing orgasm. I moaned out loud, my throat becoming tight and my heart beating wildly in my chest. I gave in to the final waves of my climax, my body slumping forward and my face pressing into the mattress, my shoulders at a sharp angle as my hand was trapped beneath my hip. I sighed and caught up to my breathing, decreasing my fervor and releasing my mind to the simple beat of exhaustion.

I made my soft kitten noises as my pulse slowed and I had to softly remove the now hot and miserably slick pink jelly toy from my reddened kitten lips. I sighed deeply as its thick tip left me, leaving a soft void as I sunk into my bed and fell asleep.

Sometimes I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders but as long as I can re-center myself with a mind blowing and soul crashing orgasm brought on by my own hands, life can seem clear again. I can find great peace within the shell of my soul, the world seeming like a great and imperceptible ocean of sounds and lights. But to me, all I need is the light that can generate in my mind when I fins sexual peace and fall asleep, legs curled and hands clasped, safe from all that seeks to rip me to the chaos.


Master Enigma said...

You have a gifted writing style.

I was pleased. Well done girl.

Anonymous said...

One word: wow!

Absolutely amazing mono log. You have an incredible writing style that expresses a vivid erotic sense while keeping the reading pace even and clean (rhythmically speaking).

Anonymous said...

You fuck that pink fucking cock!

rock on sexy slut...


The Fury said...

I felt like a fly on the wall...a fly stroking his manhood in his hand on the wall. Great writing.

The Fury said...

I felt like a fly on the wall...a fly on the wall stroking his manhood at such a sexy display. Great writing

Anonymous said...

I masturbate in a similar way. I have been shaking my fluffy since 11. I can affirm, that regular masturbation makes life much easier.

Anonymous said...

magnifecent monolog, you could have a great carear writing for magizines keep up the great work