Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Monday Buzz: Toying Around

Being the amorous little chick that I am, I love to combine my love of accessories with my sex life and activities and sex toys make it possible. I love when I can find a reliable way to fulfill my self-love needs so I'm sharing my new-found favorite with my everyone.

My new friend is a great resource for everything your wicked little heart desires. Their motto is "The Plain Box People" which is big deal for me because I live with some family members and love the discretion of their shipping methods and billing. Their interface is very girl friendly with a classy and clean feel (no breasts or porn stars to scare your courage away). Even the sweetest and most innocent of girls can benefit for a sex toy or two, so I recommend this site to shoppers from the conservative to the outrageous.

These are my new found loves from the online store:

The Crystal 6' Jelly Dong

The Crystal Jelly Dong / This toy was featured in my self pleasuring odyssey, "A Bit of Pink Alone Time" and definitely one of my favorites. Made of a very girl-friendly translucent pink jelly rubber, its a super soft and lovable dildo (yes lovable!). The site goes on to say that its an "all-purpose dildo" and I'd tend to agree, though how many uses does a dildo have exactly? Its girth is intensely satisfying and feels super-natural inside when applied to your most tender kitten. I recommend using a condom with this one though, as its not the easiest material to disinfect thoroughly.

The jelly rubber its made of is nicely soft and slick and gives the perfect amount of pressure and give, just like a real man or other so-called "realistic dildoo" but without the scary fake flesh colored realistic look. It has some ridging (oh, we love the ridges) to make it look like a real cock and it has a nice round head that makes sliding it into your honeypot very easy and pleasurable. I do recommend a lube with this one to just start you out on your sexy way, something water based and unflavored to keep from any unwanted interactions

Red Mini Mite Massager

    Waterproof Classix Mini Mite / I've always been kind of hesitant to plant this kind of "pocket rocket" style toy anywhere near my clit, but when I got my tiny little hands on this cute, translucent red vibe I fell in love with its versatility and power. It comes with four interchangeable heads which include the clit stimulator, the nipple tickler, the penis arouser and one also for your bum.

    A great plus to it is that you can use it all over your body and even on his; its dual pleasure from such a tiny and sweet package. I love to use it when being taken from behind and right as your lover is about to come, you slide it next to your clit and faster than you can say "Oh no!" you're having an intensely strong and mind blowing orgasm. I [heart] the Mini Mite!

    Waterproof Delight

      Waterproof Delight / This is a sleek and hot looking blue gel vibrator with many level of intense vibration, and its completely and totally waterproof! Its styled after a real penis complete with molded veins and a smooth little head in its appealingly blue gel surface. The turn control is located on the bottom underneath some very smooth and lovely clit stimulating bumps and ridges though I found the toy a little too long to allow it to stimulate my clit.

      When cranked to the max, this vibe performs with stellar might and force. The controls are uncomplicated and its softness makes it a great beginners vibe, though more experienced toy owners will appreciate its ability to perform in pools, bathtubs, spas and the shower, even when completly submerged. Like its title proves, it is sure to delight you in your wet and wild amorous adventures. 

      My toy box holds treasures untold, though it still needs a bit of pumping up and when I come upon a great new find, you'll be sure I'll be sharing them. Because I'm the kinda girl that shares...




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        That's great, thanks so much. I hate going into those creepy places and trying to buy porn star covered vibrators that just suck anyway. I like this website, two thumbs up.


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