Monday, July 10, 2006


Over the Independence Day weekend (though it was on Tuesday...) my man Gadget and I went to an amusement park for an overnight adventure and stayed at a lovely hotel. Oh how I love hotels...

After driving all through the early morning and spending over three hours at a huge art gallery, we headed to our hotel to chill out, recoup and refuel for a night that we had planned for dinner and a nightclub. Or so we thought...

A view like this should never be wasted...

After hitting valet and checking in, we headed up the elevator to our suite which looked out over the beautiful downtown expanse of our getaway destination. I dropped my suitcase on the bed and stood at the floor length window, looking at the early afternoon sun and the old architecture, so different from our home. When I heard his velvety voice behind me, my skin pickled at his words,

Look at how gorgeous you look, oh baby. It would be perfect to just make love to you standing here in front of the window. What do you think?

I giggled amorously (yes, it is possible) and felt his hands slide around my hips to my front, squeezing me. He kissed the side of my neck, so near the pound of my pulse. He tilted my face to the right so that our lips met, his tongue fierce and needy.

He shook off his shorts so that I could feel his rock hard erection up against my ass, the sensitive head of his cock rubbing against the rough denim of my jeans. He unsnapped my jeans and pushed them door, slightly trapping my feet when they pooled on the floor. I stretched out my back cat-like and extended my ass closer to him, my hands supporting my weight on a metal support on the window.

He moaned as he kissed my neck and rubbed his hands all over my stomach and legs, my ass even. Then came the ::THWACK!!::. So unexpected and so volatile that I moaned out loud and my body thrashed with trying to balance against his strength.

Do you like that baby, do you?

I nodded as I moaned and pressed my lips to his, my brow furrowed and tense, my ass starting to redden and feel a slight heat. I bit down on my lip as he pressed his cock hard against me, backed off to rub my ass and then rained down another assault on the other cheek,

Oh no!

I cried out in my exasperation and my desire, a moan combining with my cry. I panted and moaned, my ass swaying slightly as my hips moved in a lecherous pattern.

you're so fucking hot baby, so beautiful. All day I've had my hands on you, wanting you. In the gallery I just couldn't focus on any of the art except for you, you're the art I want.

I moaned as his hand slid over my pink-marked ass, wanting the soft pain to subside but wanting it that much more. I could feel the blow even though another spank didn't follow, I felt the heat increase as my kitten started to drip, dampening my pink panties. He pushed down my panties after admiring them on my hips and ass extensively,

Oh my God honey, these just hug your body so perfectly. Ahh.

I moaned deeply as he yet again spanked my naughty little ass, his hand lingering this time, his body tight against mine. After several more spanks, his desire was out of his control and he pulled at my hips slightly before flicking my clit a few times and pressing the tip of his cock against my dripping cunt. As he plunged deeply inside of me, my throat caught and I felt his body pushing against my reddened bum as he thrusted.

I could feel him so utterly filling me, his hands clasped around my hips, pulling me onto him as he thrusted. I looked down at my perfectly manicured little toes, having a random thought about them in the middle of the mind blowing fucking I was receiving. I stared at my own eyes in the window's surface as his swollen cock slid in an out of me, the sound of my wetness and our union reaching my ears and making me bite my lips. I spoke to myself as Gadget ravaged on behind me and inside of me,

You are such a dirty, dirty little bitch, you love it don't you? You love it when he spanks you and then fucks you like an animal?

My eyes rolled back in my head as it fell back, a wave of ecstasy shot through me and my nipples burned, my clit pounded and my ravaged kitten wept. I felt him grunting so hotly, his lips spouting praise and sex exclamations as he rammed the last few times before coming deeply inside of me. My head fell forward onto the glass and I peered down at the busy street below me, feeling him gently slide his cock out of me.

I walked over to the bed and fell down, snuggling deep into the downy sheets and squishy pillows. My body made peace with itself when Gadget finally came from the bathroom and lay down with me, his body so strong and close. He held me as I fell into a deep sleep, his body cradling mine from behind.

I dreamt that afternoon of Gadget telling me about going to the art gallery and watching a girl faint from the ecstasy she found in the art there. I giggled when I woke and pondered on fainting from ecstasy. How lovely it could be.

That night we didn't make it to the nightclub, and instead ordered room service and slept in each others arms until the dark, early morning. Gadget woke me up and we made passionate animalistic love, me riding his swollen cock and then switching to him standing behind me as I knelt on the bed. His moans became hoarse and like a lion's as he came deep inside of me, his cock twitching like madness against my cunt.

After he recovered from his lion attack, he decided he was thirsty...and that I would be his chalice. He poured wine on my back and hips, licking it off and rubbing against me in my wine covered glory. The wine chilled my nipple to a hard pebble as he poured it over my nipple, catching it in his mouth.

Since he met me about three weeks ago, Gadget has had a fantasy of showering with me and washing me, watching me in my private shower activities, touching my soap slicked body. He watched with bemused eyes as I shampooed my long hair, biting my lip against laughter. His hands washed over me, covered in soap and slick against my breasts, my stomach and thighs.

As I washed my face, he licked down my back to my ass cheeks, his tongue lingering. He knelt down on the floor of the shower and with deft hands, spread my cheeks and flicked his tongue into my pink little asshole. I moaned as my face pinched up and my reasoning left me. I could feel the slickness and the heat of his tongue inside of me as well as circling the vulnerable little opening.

My hands scratched at the slick tile and pressed my forehead to them, trying to find a center. With one last kiss to my bum cheek, he stood and smiled like a proud cat whose just caught a lizard. He kissed me deeply and watched my expression, my lips parted and my brow furrowed. He laughed and squeezed me, pressing his newfound erection against me, so slick against my ass. I heard his sexy voice in my ear, his arms wrapped tightly around me,

Look at what you do to me, you sexy girl. I bet I can come again even after all we've just done.

I smiled as he put a foot up on the side of the shower, slid his hand over my breasts and with the other hand he took hold of himself and gently started to pull himself off. I leaned back against the wall and watched his face, tension and pleasure both present as he bit at his lip, looked at me and took in the sight of my body. As he came, his body was not his own, it was lost and I was the sole observer. He caught himself on the wall and his chest heaved slightly, his cock still half hard as he turned to rinse his come-covered hand.

He kissed me passionately and looked into my eyes, his face so involved and awake.

Look what you can do to me, where did you come from?

I laughed and went under the water, the conditioner rinsing from my hair as he watched me. I giggled as he rubbed at me, tickling my wet and heated skin. After we came from the shower I just looked at him, not only adoring him and laughing to myself how sexually we were compatible, but because of his personality.

I had come to think of him as such a highly intelligent man, such a mentally stimulating and exciting person. Not only that, but now I had this duely shared pleasure to play on, this hunger I had for him, and his hunger for me. I wanted to have ever-lasting debates with him and I also wanted him to fuck my brains out every chance I could find. So for me, it seems ideal.

He speaks so softly to me, and with such awe and admiration,

"In another life, you were a Princess....Most definitely."

I hear his words and I see his face and all I want is more, all I want is the him and the next rush I know we can find together.


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Fat Controller said...

Wow...What is it about hotel rooms that makes sex in them extra piquant? We recently had a marvellous night in Milan.

Roll on, summer vacations!