Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fogged Up Windows

I always thought the concept of "parking" was kind of out-moded and typically high school, but that was probably because I had never done it before. Well, now I have and I have to say...parking rocks, hardcore.

Libra and I have a genuine sexual passion for each other that I wouldn't have thought possible when we started seeing one another, its surprisingly lovely and I have say, gorgeously hot. I'm the experienced one in the equation (shocker!) and she's the curious, willing one pulled into my ploys of sexual deviancy.

Girl Love 101

It was late on a Tuesday night and we had an argument about something as we always have arguments, only to make-up minutes later; I put this on her completely. I was tired and angry and horny and annoyed completely. A brilliant idea popped into my head through the haze of my discomfort; Libra and I needed to fuck right now or it would be very bad news and it had to be in the car.

Such an interesting imagination I have.

I peeled out of her driveway and asked her where the nearest park was. She directed me, kind of curiously questioning me while I gave away nothing. I finally stopped next to the river behind a sparse covering of trees, facing the road yet about four-hundred feet away from it. I got out of the driver's seat and opened the back door and plopped myself back there, looking at Libra through the window, she soon caught on and followed directly.

Immediately her lips were on mine, her hands around my hips pulling me into her. We kissed in that pained, rushed way you kiss when you just are so wrapped in the other person with a sick lust that can't be controlled. You can barely even make contact with whats actually going on but you know that if you stop you'll die, so you keep on. It was that kind of kissing, "whore kissing" I call it.

Under my skirt I wore no panties and when she discovered this via her wildly roaming hands she looked into my eyes, her attention completely focused on me and wanting me. It made me want to climb the wall. When she smoothed her small fingers gently over the slickness of me, I could tell she savored each motion, the sensation of it.

I whimpered when her fingertips found my clit, in her expression there was fire and though I was lost in my own pleasure, I felt her pulsing energy colliding with my own. In my mind I saw the colors pink, red, orange all flashing through my brain in relation to the rubbing on my clit.

Being the type of girl that I am, my mind clicked into overdrive when I realized I had my brand new Bandito dildo in my purse. Go figure, right?

I slowed Libra and looked at her,

"Do you want to fuck me with a dildo, like we talked about? I have one with me."

Her smile was a little bit tainted with nervousness but she agreed she was interested. I climbed a bit into the front set to find my purse and once I had my prize I fell back into the back seat, holding out the length of the black toy to her. I smiled,

"So just like zip it up in the fly of your jeans. It'll be like a harness."

The flared base of the dildo made it perfect to use in this way. New tip from me to you: if you have a Bandito and want a chick to fuck you even though you don't have a harness, have her put on the tightest pair of jeans she has and zip the toy into the fly. It works like a charm.


The amber glow from the distant street lights beats upon her face, the warmth illuminating her eyes as she slid into me. The moment left me breathless and delightfully confused. Libra worked the toy into and out of me with an instinctual skill, her hips slapping against the underside of my thighs as she pumped and thrusted.

The back of my head bumping the car window, the sweat dripping from her face onto mine, the tense grasp of my hand on the edge of the upholstered seat; all of these things culminated into a sick, heated passion that flowed through the both of us and she fucked me.

When she grabbed my tit and bit at the nipple with her teeth, it was with as much savage passion as any man has ever had for me and my body as he claimed me. Her expression was the same too.

It seems the act of taking a woman and her virtue affects all people, and reaction isn’t determinate on gender.

When I had finally had had too much to bear and realized that I had to come, one slight touch of my fingertip on my clit almost made me come. Her arching thrusts moved in time with my own twitching fingers and in what seemed like a split second, my body was rapt with the swooning rapture of an intense and mind exploding orgasm.

She cradled me against her body when I lent up to hug her, her hands possessive and strong on me like any man whose ever held me after sex. She was more though somehow, not more fulfilling, but more comforting and it felt more true than other random sex.

I don’t make these comparisons out of spite or to show men as loveless, soulless beings but instead to show how interesting it was that there were so many similarities between Libra and a man as she fucked me. It felt like Human Behavior Class all over again, but this time I got fucked and I came. Super!

Libra looked down, the toy cock still zipped up in her fly and she handled it quite admiringly and with much joy. She smiled and looked at me,

“How do you like my cock?”

I laughed and grabbed the toy, pulling it to bring her closer to me,

“I like it just fine, I think you know that too.”

"Hey Petite, let's name him Albert...the cock that God didn't give me."

We laughed as we sat in the back of the car watching the little droplets of condensation drip down all the windows surrounding us, our minds completely overwhelmed with sensation and recollection. We could have made a veritable rain storm with all of that condensation had I not needed to come.

On the drive back to her house as I was coping with my woozy head, we were both cat grins and all giggles feeling the post-sex high together. It was bliss.

Once we had reached her house I questioned her,

“Libra, would you fuck me against that vacant house next to yours in the field? Would you screw me like that outside and in the dark and everything?”

Her response was immediate,

“Oh fuck yeah. You wanna? Come on! We have to now ‘cause you brought it up.”

So with that, Libra dragged me out of the car and across the field to the vacant house, placed me legs spread and skirt over my ass and fucked me with the dildo zipped up in her jeans, my face a mixed mask of pleasure and amusement.

I giggled as a lone cat watched approvingly from the high grass not far from us. She must understand you know, being a cat and all. She must understand what its like to be horny, with your ass up in the air wanting to be fucked out in nature.

So we fucked in the high grass, two girls with a dildo.

What a pair.



Anonymous said...

Which cream/gel do you use when shaving your bush? Do you ever get burned labia afterwards?

la petite dévergondée said...

That's an interesting stalkerish question, but ok, I'll bite;

I don't shave, I get waxed.

When I did shave however when I was younger, I never got a "burned labia"

♥la petite

August said...


This is August over at We love your blog, and we have linked to your content on our site. We'd like tell you more about our story. Please follow this link to a letter sharing our strategy behind the BuzzNoir brand. We welcome your comments, advice and pearls of wisdom. Thank you!

la petite dévergondée said...

Hey August,

Thanks so much for the link, thats really sweet of you. ;)

Ive checked out the site and I really love the feel of it, very cool. Ive linked back just because I honestly like the site.

Do let me know by email how things go with it.

-la petite

la petite dévergondée said...

Lilly said...

This is insanely erotic...

la petite dévergondée said...

awe, thanks sweetie. I quite enjoyed it myself...

How's life and love?

♥la petite

kansas said...

i just posted a piece about parking. and then stumbled upon yours.

great minds think alike, i assume.

Rogue said...

Beautiful, passionate, wonderfully hot. What marvelous fun. Meow.