Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dream: Chain


I awake in a palely lit, night time swathed bedroom all done in pure white with soft curtains over a french window. I sit up, my legs over the side of the bed, my hands bracing my weight on either sides of me on the bed. I breathe out and the world seems to clear a bit.

 Dream a little dream of me...

My dress is simple; I wear a white tank top and white panties. This is a big detail because this fact shocks me and makes me feel young and vulnerable. It seems I can hear my own heart beat but I'm still inward and out and I feel safe and loved.

I let my feet touch the chilled wood floor, glossy from someone's efforts and smooth from time. I stop as I begin to stand; I feel a weight pulling on my leg, a tug, a tightness. I hear a sluggish metallic sound and when I look down at my feet, my right ankle is encircled by a thick leather cuff padded with fleece and attached to the cuff is a shining metal chain.

I am chained.

I am chained by the ankle.

I am chained by the ankle to my own bed.

I am chained by the ankle to my own bed as I slept.

I am chained by the ankle to my own bed as I slept and there's also a lock.

I knew this and when this knowledge comes flooding back into my brain, its all comfort, love and safety.

I slip down from the bed and as I look at the window before, the curtains slip around with the subtle breeze from outside. The moon is big enough to swallow me and it softly glistens as if glowing from within.

Even the moon reflects someone else's light and love.

I stretch my arms above my body, rolling my shoulders and make an archer's bow of my body. I glory in the clink of the chain against the wood and also the weight and pull at my ankle. I walk slowly from the room half living in the dream half experiencing everything for the first time. I walk softly down a narrow hallway, pass a bathroom and I look back at my chain, knowing it's length won't stop but rather give me some room to wander a bit.

I walk to the next room.

Their room.

I kneel down, being as quiet as a silent assassin, wanting to crouch and be unseen. I turn the doorknob slowly, not letting it click and disturb them. I push the door open with my forehead having gone down on all fours now. I wiggle softly into the room, pulling my chain along with me.

Their bed is ahead of me and as I crawl to it, I am calm and curious and hopeful and a little lonely.

When I reach the bed, I kneel up just enough to be able to lie my chin on the end of the bed, my vision line just high enough to see their faces, turned in toward one another in sleep. Their closed eyes make me tired and as I lie the side of my face against the bed, I fall asleep gently and feeling like a good, dedicated girl.

I wake up after what seems like years to the feeling of butterfly wings kissing my lips and the butter yellow glow of the morning sun behind my eyelids. My eyes open slowly and her face is before mine, her smile is soft and her love radiates outwardly into my own. Her butterfly lips awoke me from my restful worship of their sleeping forms.

I look over a bit to see him leaning slightly up and awake, looking down at me. All is love and I can see that they are touched and happy that I spent a silent sigil at the end of their bed, near them as I dreamt. She rubs her hand over my shoulder and up the side of my neck, her skin soft as petals on mine. She rubs my face and kisses where she has just stroked.

This is worth having slept on my knees, my legs cramping and sore now.

Her lips press to mine and he watches us, approving and amused. She holds my face in her one hand, her kisses soft yet passionate. I sigh and yawn a bit when she pulls back to look at me.

We don't speak in this, we wouldn't need to really.

I stretch again and I wiggle to free and wake my legs, the chain pulling and clinking and make me smile.

I and my chain together with them is like heaven.



Fat Controller said...

What a beautiful and moving piece of writing.

la petite dévergondée said...

Awe FC, why do you make me love you so?


♥la petite

la petite dévergondée said...

I'm realizing now that in this post that some of my tenses are not correct and I mix past and present tense together in the same sentence.

This is meant to be I sure, so don't send me hate emails for my bad grammar; it was a dream and I was half asleep when I wrote it, so just let it be.

♥la petite

Tom Paine said...

A marvelous "unicorn" dream sequence, hence the right to mix tenses. I have written smut professionally employing shifting tenses, it can be done.

I would love to hear more about this couple and your experiences with them, even if they are just dream lovers.

la petite dévergondée said...

Well thank you very much Mr. Paine.

I'll be sure to post more about them soon. I do hope that they turn out to be more than just dream lovers. ;)

♥la petite

moonheart said...

Haunting, hypnotizing, beautiful story.

Sweet greetz from mo(onheart)

ianuk74 said...

Hey great to see you back.

Have you any past stories about lovers to tell when you are seduced, or even seducing the older man..?

la petite dévergondée said...

ianuk74: that's basically the entire composition of the site, haha.

you can use the search feature if you have anything in particular interest you'd like to find among my 150+ entries.

♥la petite

Rogue said...

Lovely. Well envisioned, well expressed. Nice. Thank you.

la petite dévergondée said...

Thanks so much. :>

♥la petite

ianuk74 said...


What I mean is have you any more experiences to write about. I love your previous stories, such a turn on and wondered if you had any more in the locker! :-)